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Brynn Walper, Staff Writer

October 5, 2018 4:35pm | Gabriella Chiericoni

Senior Brynn Walper has joined the Newspaper staff during her last year at Perry Hall. She is a firm believer that the ninety’s fashion is cool.

Emma Fuller, Staff Writer

October 5, 2018 4:32pm | Gabriella Chiericoni

Junior Emma Fuller is a new addition to the Hallmark staff. She loves Chick-fil-a and the Hallmark’s adviser Mrs. O’brien!

Caroline Warns, Staff Writer

October 5, 2018 4:27pm | Gabriella Chiericoni

Caroline Warns, a junior, is a new edition to the Hallmark staff. She plays soccer alongside staff member Grace Wille.

Grace Wille, Staff Writer

October 5, 2018 3:51pm | Gabriella Chiericoni

Grace Wille is a sophomore first year staff member for the Hallmark. She is on the Varsity soccer team with her friend on the staff, Caroline.

Imani Ferguson, Staff Writer

October 5, 2018 3:43pm | Gabriella Chiericoni

Senior Imani Ferguson may be new to the Hallmark staff but by her writing you wouldn’t be able to tell. She is apart of the opinion staff and due to her positive attitude she has already excelled.

Kendra Stephen, Opinion Editor

May 3, 2018 4:10pm | gabby chiericoni

Senior Kendra Stephen enjoys many things outside of school ranging from ordering pizza to playing soccer.

Gabby Chiericoni, Sports and Online Editor

May 3, 2018 4:07pm | gabby chiericoni

Junior Gabby Chiericoni enjoys writing on the staff but when she isn’t writing you can find her watching football or slaving her life away to her homework. PS, it feels very strange to write about yourself.

Andrew Simon, News Editor

May 1, 2018 4:45pm | gabby chiericoni

Senior Andrew Simon is known for his dry humor in the news room. He enjoys pizza and dogs.

Aysia Phillips, Features Editor

May 1, 2018 4:27pm | Aysia Phillips

Senior Phillips enjoys Chick-fil-a more than most things and spending time with her little sister.