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Worst Starbucks Drinks

November 16, 2018 3:42am | Gabriella Chiericoni

1. The Unicorn Frappuccino The Unicorn Frappuccino may look appealing when the greatest interaction one has with it is seeing the bright colors fill a clear Starbucks cup but as soon as the electric pink, purple, and blue taste hits your tongue, you’ll thank your […]

Throwback Songs You Need To Know

November 8, 2018 4:26pm | Gabriella Chiericoni, sports editor

Do you need help making a throwback playlist? Or do you just want to add some new songs to your current rotation? Trust me, I wouldn’t steer anyone wrong so here’s a few throwback songs that everyone should add to their playlist immediately: 1. So […]

Top Fall Activities

October 30, 2018 4:15pm | Grace Wille, Caroline Warns

It’s that time of the year. The leaves are falling; the decorations are coming up from house to house, and every store is selling spooky socks and pumpkins. You probably feel in the mood to be a part of it all and want some activities […]


March 14, 2018 3:35pm | Lindsey Burr, Features Editor

People who don’t wash their hands. WASH YOUR HANDS!!! I can’t stress this enough, and no matter how many exclamation points I use, people still won’t listen. If you have just used the bathroom, how do you walk out without washing all the germs off? You just head to […]


March 14, 2018 3:30pm | Gabs Lucas, Staff Writer

Dear Parents, It’s 2018 and still no one seems to bring up the topic of your bad parenting and how it has impacted the lives of us adolescents. When I say bad parenting I don’t mean the fact that you won’t let us go to […]