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Calling All Juniors: SAT Prep

If you are a junior at Perry Hall, you will most likely be taking the SAT on March 25. And with the SAT coming up, you are probably trying to find effective ways to study and actually remember the information.

Khan Academy offers official SAT practice tests that are completely free and tailored to you based off of your PSAT scores. In order to take the test, all you have to do is make an account. You can also link your College Board account so Khan Academy can personalize your practice tests. Before you start studying, take the practice test to see which areas you need the most help in.

Some other studying techniques are to take notes, but make sure you put them in your own words. Don’t take notes word for word out of the textbook. You can also try teaching the concepts to another person. Saying what you know aloud helps to reinforce the materials learned.

When taking notes, there are many different ways to retain the information. One way is to use color. Using red, blue, and green is scientifically proven to help improve a person’s memory. Another way to help with memorizing your notes is to use pictures that can help you simplify the information and make it easier to remember.

Staying focused on the task at hand can sometimes be very difficult, especially if you’re not too interested in what you are learning. When studying, make sure your phone is off and not next to you, so you are not tempted to use it. You should also allocate certain times to study. If you typically listen to music when you are doing work, try swapping out your normal music for ambient music. Make sure you take breaks occasionally when you’re studying to make sure you are not just spacing out and you are actually reading and comprehending the information. You can also get help from teachers and friends if you are having trouble understanding the information. Make sure that when you go to get help, have specific questions in mind.

In addition, the Math and English departments will be hosting SAT Practice Sessions. See the attached flyer for details.