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Two New Completer Programs for 2020-21 School Year

Next school year, two more completer programs are being offered to PHHS students: Food and Beverage Industry ProStart and Teacher Academy of Maryland.

The Teacher Academy of Maryland completer program is headed by Ms. Hilary Scala, Business and Consumer Science. A teacher recommendation is required and can be found on the PHHS website.  (See below.)  Grades, attendance, and motivation will be considered for the application.  This program offers students internships in elementary schools for their senior year as the fourth course in this four-course program.

“The key audience is current 8th and 9th graders as we phase in the program. It is intended to run as one course per year for four years but since we are beginning this year, we will allow 9th graders to start and double up in their senior year for this group only,” said Ms. Scala.

The Food and Beverage Industry ProStart is headed by Ms. Honor Hartman, Family and Consumer Science Teacher. This program introduces students to careers within the restaurant, food service, and hospitality industry. Students in this completer will learn professional food preparation, preparation of international cuisines, food safety and sanitation, customer service relations, accounting, cost control, marketing, and an introduction to aspects of lodging management. Ms. Hartman is hoping to get a lot of interest as careers in this industry increase every year and students will learn an important life skill of cooking. Her Level 1 class is open to all grades, but the official completer program will begin with incoming 10th graders.

“[The completer program] involves a Level 1 class in 10th grade, a Level 2 class in 11th grade, and then a two credit internship during their senior year. The key audience is anyone who has a passion for food. The possibilities are endless!” said Ms. Hartman.

For more information on completer programs at Perry Hall, visit http://perryhallhs.bcps.org/UserFiles/Servers/Server_4202033/File/Counseling/PHHScompleters.pdf

For application information for the TAM, visit http://perryhallhs.bcps.org/UserFiles/Servers/Server_4202033/File/Counseling/TAM%20Recommendation.pdf