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Maryland Women’s Lacrosse Preview

Rebuilding after losing top-caliber players due to graduation is a normal occurrence in college lacrosse, despite their fan’s dismay. Some teams are able to rebuild in a season or two whereas other teams take years to recover. The only team that seems to avoid having to rebuild is Maryland women’s lacrosse.

Jen Giles, Megan Taylor, and Caroline Steele (my personal favorite) are top-caliber players that were detrimental to Maryland’s success prior to their 2019 graduation. Taylor won the Tewaaraton Award, which is given to the lacrosse’s most outstanding player, Giles was a finalist for the same award, and Steele had over 200 career goals during her time at Maryland. Clearly, their graduation will greatly impact next year’s team.

“Megan Taylor is the best goalkeeper I’ve ever seen play, but Maryland’s Giles and Steele were both amazing goal scorers and playmakers that allowed Maryland to perform at a high level,” said Stephanie Chen, a college lacrosse enthusiast. “I’m curious how the Terp’s will recover.”

After losing such phenomenal players, one may think Maryland would be bound to rebuild this season. However, Maryland welcomed the #1 ranked recruiting class to campus according to ILWomen and past roleplayers are finally stepping up the plate.

“I’ve been a fan of Brindi Griffin since she first started to make appearances in games because I could see her potential, but she’s finally starting to be an influential player,” said Maryland Club lacrosse player, Chen.

One should expect Grace Griffin to join Griffin at the top of the scoring board. She already marked her significance of the field the year prior, and it’s not expected that she will go anywhere but up. However, they aren’t alone. Maryland’s veterans are also accompanied by many talented rookies.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the rookies step on the field for the first time against top competition. I have full faith in my team and my coach,” said anonymous. “I’m going to buy my season tickets the second they come on sale.”

Maryland Women’s lacrosse doesn’t rebuild; they reload.