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Justin Jacobs Commentary: Things to Avoid at Thanksgiving Dinner

With Thanksgiving and the holiday season coming up, families worry about the incoming conflict at these gatherings. Here are the top 5 things not to do at Thanksgiving dinner.

  1. Don’t talk politics. They’re always a sensitive topic, and modern-day politics can get dirty. Any opinionated political banter can turn into a scuffle in an instant. Try to avoid the conversation.
  2. Football, although being much less a controversial topic, it can still turn a nice family dinner into a big family argument. “I don’t like this team.” “I don’t like this player.” “These refs suck.” These are examples of pouring fuel on a fire.
  3. The food is good! If you don’t like the food just, “go to the bathroom” and make a good portion of it go away. Complaining about food will only upset the very generous cook and also will create a family wide headache.
  4. All families have problems, and everyone thinks about them. A highlighted problem not to talk about is family drama. Don’t like your cousin’s boyfriend? Don’t say anything. Your creepy uncle keeps make terrible jokes? Chuckle and carry on.
  5. Your significant other doesn’t need to come, especially when you’ve only been dating for two weeks. Forcing your new boy/girlfriend into the family at dinner is toxic and unnecessary. Don’t bring your “other half” around unless they’re invited.