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Freshmen Transition Committee

High school can be overwhelming for all students, but especially for freshmen.  In order to support freshmen academically, Mr. Logan Belinda and Ms. Caitlin Furman lead a program to assist freshmen throughout their first year of high school.

Statistically freshmen fail more often than any other grade level, and Mr. Belinda and Ms. Furman are trying to change that at Perry Hall.  Before school started, Mr. Belinda and Ms. Furman had a “camp” in which freshmen were invited to start good habits before the school year.

“The idea is to provide a variety of interventions.  We have a tutoring session that runs every Tuesday from 2:30-3:30, which is a place freshmen can come to and have at least an hour in a quiet and stable environment.  There is support from adults and tutors to complete the work,” said Mr. Belinda, AP World History and American Government teacher.

National Honor Society (NHS) student volunteer their time to work with students on a variety of content areas during Tuesday work sessions.  In addition, the NHS students provide assistance with organization and study skills.

Mr. Belinda and Ms. Furman, school counselor, are hoping that a structured time period will provide students will time to adjust to the rigor of high school classes.  This is also a time when teachers reach out to parents to provide support and interventions for struggling students.

“In my time at Perry Hall, I’ve taught mostly freshmen groups.  Specifically, I taught freshmen kids who seem to struggle.  From my experience, students need support and clarification in how to do well in a class, confusion on given assignments, and just a little help in terms or organizing and structuring themselves to be successful,” said Mr. Belinda.

Mr. Belinda and Ms. Furman strive to assist all students, especially freshmen.  If you are a freshman or know a freshman who needs support academically or a quiet place to study, the tutoring group meets most Tuesdays.  The next session is November 26.

See the attached flyer for additional information.