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Applying to Colleges: What should seniors be doing now?

Now that November is in full swing, many seniors are done applying to college and are awaiting acceptances. Laziness and senioritis become the silent killers of grades and work ethic.

Seniors with later deadlines or regular decision deadlines should still be working on their applications to college. Those students with December 1st deadlines have less than a month before their applications are due, while those with January or February deadlines have a little more time to finalize their applications.

“[Students with] December 1st [deadlines], Towson University and Salisbury, need to make sure that they’ve requested their SAT or ACT scores to be sent and that they’ve talked to their teachers and counselor about their letters,” said Mrs. Campbell, college counselor.

Students who have finished their applications need to check their emails now to make sure that the colleges that they’ve applied received their application. A lot of colleges have students set up portals within the college and create an account to track their application status. Colleges will also send emails if they are missing something or some part of their application seems wrong.

“If there is something missing, always check with your counselor or check with me to find out where is it. Usually, 99% of the time, we’ve sent it and we have record that we’ve sent it on our end but for some reason, the college hasn’t matched up that piece with their file,” said Mrs. Campbell.

Seniors who have finished applying to college should focus on applying to scholarships and submitting their FAFSA. The push for seniors now is to focus on financial aid until the spring as well as fighting off senioritis. All seniors should be applying to as many scholarships as they can tolerate applying for and keep in mind that a lot of colleges ask for midyear transcripts.

“There have been cases where schools, including University of Maryland, have rescinded offers based on midyear transcripts when they see kids just stop caring,” said Mrs. Campbell.