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Mr. Roland: A Hall Favorite

Mr. Jonathan Roland, AP Physics, has been a hall favorite for decades.  Mr. Roland has been teaching for 27 years.  His exuberant personality has allowed AP Physics students to enjoy a difficult subject.

Roland started teaching at a very young age – on his elementary school playground when he was in 3rd grade.

“I used to teach Kung Fu out on the playground to the younger kids. I didn’t know Kung Fu, but I could stand in front of them and do stuff, and they would do it too,” Roland joked.

Mr. Roland considered Perry Hall a second home.

“I love teaching at Perry Hall; it’s a dream to be a gator,” Roland said. “Chomp chomp.”

His son Daniel even goes to Perry Hall. He’s happy his son gets to experience being a gator as well.

“It’s kind of fun. I’ve known him for a long time. So, you know, we get along pretty good. It’s a great advantage (having his son go to his school) because I get to see school from a student perspective,” Roland said.

Many students may only know Roland in Physics class, but Mr. Roland has many other interests, including guitar and environmental concerns.

“I love to play my guitar. I love to read books. I love books! I might not finish books.  I’ll start a book because every book has a thesis, and it’s like having a conversation with the author,” Roland said.

When Mr. Roland first started working at Perry Hall, he would ride his bike to school. His older students can even remember him riding his bike to school.

“I do love the environment. I loved passing by Priuses with my nose up” said Roland. “I’ve done that for many years. The reason I don’t now is because my son, Danny, is getting his license. He drives, but he needs me to accompany him right now,” Roland said.

Roland has a passion for physics, and many can tell by the way he speaks about the subject he loves.

“The mystery and beauty are my favorite part about physics. There’s so much we don’t know and when you really start talking to the universe, you realize how little you really know,” Roland said.