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GSA: A Welcome Place for All

Gay Straight Alliance, also know as GSA, is a unique club at Perry Hall High school, created almost seven years ago.

The group was created to be a safe place for LGBTQ students. Statistics show that 77% of LGBTQ teens are more stressed out than their straight peers. Having a club like this at Perry Hall gives LGBTQ students an outlet.

“I was in a very bad place my freshman year, and I joined the group because I needed support from my fellow community, my LGBTQ community,” said Dante Belcher, President of GSA.

Some events planned by GSA last year were “Love Day” and the tailgate for homecoming. They also took part in supporting Pride month last year, but they won’t stop there.

“We do so many fun activities. We are going to participate in Club Fair and do ‘Love Week’ again, this year,” said Belcher.

LGBTQ teens can feel unwanted and unwelcome at the schools they attend. This can lead to depression and making those teens isolate themselves from their peers. About 95% of LBGTQ students report having trouble sleeping at night. The LGBTQ students of color reported the highest level of isolation and rejection.

“There is a lot of homophobia in this world and as a bisexual black man I’ve experienced double discrimination I feel like GSA is important to the LGBTQ students at Perry Hall,” said Belcher.

The GSA is opened to all students; GSA is not exclusive to only the LGBTQ. The group’s main goal is to the school and their meetings a safe space for everyone.

“The GSA cares about all of Perry Hall’s students. I want them to know they are loved,” said Belcher.

GSA meets every other Wednesday. Upcoming meetings will be held in October will be the 16th and the 30t h  in room 312. If you have any questions, feel free to get more information from Mr. Henry in room 312.