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College Fair 2019

On Thursday, October 3, Perry Hall High School held its annual college fair from 6:30 to 8 for the benefit of all students who plan on attending college.

About 83 colleges attended the college fair last Thursday, most of them from surrounding areas. The event is open to any and all students in the area, not just students from Perry Hall High.  The college fair is helpful to students in all grades. Students in 9th or 10th grade would be able to see what colleges are in the surrounding areas, while 11th graders could use the college fair to start narrowing down their list of colleges that they are considering. Seniors are probably applying to college by the time the fair is held and can use the fair to ask colleges that they are applying to questions.

“I feel like it’s never too early for a student in high school to come and visit colleges,” said Mrs. Campbell, Perry Hall’s college counselor. “It’s a great way to see a lot of colleges at once, particularly colleges that might be out of state.”

Generally, the most well-known colleges are the most popular colleges at the fair. This year was no exception, University of Maryland: College Park and Towson. Although Salisbury has gained popularity, and there has been a lot of attention at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) such as Coppin State University and Bowie State University. Even with traffic mostly circling these colleges, the entire gym was filled with prospective students and families.

“I was pleased with [the turnout.] I thought it was good. The weather wasn’t great, and the traffic was horrible, but [with] all that being said, I think that it was a good turnout of families, and everybody seemed to give good feedback,” said Mrs. Campbell.