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New College Board AP Exam Policy

For the 2019-20 school year, College Board has changed its AP exam policies so that students are required to sign up for their AP Exams before November 1st.

Registering for AP Exams in the beginning of the year has its pros and cons. It requires students to decide whether or not they will take a test after a little more than two months of taking a class. Many students are upset over the fact that they won’t know if they will do well on the test and the $94 could be wasted. A fee is also put in place so they can’t opt out of the test later without a $40 consequence.

“If this policy was in place last year, I probably would have decided to sign up for the AP Physics test,” said Madison Darrell, a Perry Hall High School senior, “However, third quarter last year, I realized I really didn’t understand the course so I didn’t take the test.”

There are also some positive opinions on the new College Board policy. Some of the administrators and staff of Perry Hall High School have noticed that students are more confident in the beginning of the year than the end so they’re more likely to sign up in the beginning. They are trying to encourage more students to take the tests and close the gap between students who take the tests and students who don’t. Students are also more likely to prepare more for a test that they have already committed to rather than one they decide to take a month or so before.

“I can understand those concerns but when you make decisions like this, you can’t please everyone,” said Mrs. Botteon, AP Coordinator, “The idea behind it is great.”

Positive and negative expectations surround this new policy but no one will know the overall impact until after the scores from the tests come out.

“I’m curious to see how it all plays out,” said Mrs. Botteon.