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The Gator Tandem: Knight and Jackson

Perry Hall High School has a new football duo that cannot go unnoticed: Jailen Knight and Jeremy Jackson.

Jailen Knight, junior quarterback, and Jeremy Jackson, junior wide receiver, are known to be a great pair on the field, but what’s even more intriguing is their relationship off the field.

“Even though we argue a lot, that’s my brother, and I love him to death. We know if aren’t on good terms than the team won’t be either. So, we’re just trying to do what’s best for the team,” said Knight, on his relationship with Jackson.

“Well, we had a year on JV together, and we worked out together offs-season to prepare for our first varsity season,” said Jackson.

The main goal for most athletes is to bring prestige and championships to an athletic program. This is the main goal for Jackson and Knight, but after bringing new coaching in and having such a young team, they know the challenge ahead of them.

“My main goal for the season is set my team up for the best possibility, which is going to the playoffs and make a good run inside of the playoffs, just make a change at Perry Hall,” said Knight.

This tandem will not go unnoticed and its clear to everyone that they’re going to make an impact on Perry Hall football with their charisma and wits.