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Defensive Losses, Broken Hearts

The Baltimore Ravens have always been known for their defense and during the 2019 offseason they suffered incredible losses and their loyal fans are left heartbroken.

Terrell Suggs left the Ravens to play his final season with the Arizona Cardinals, his home team. Eric Weedle was cut from the team and quickly signed with the Los Angeles Rams. Za’Darius Smith was a versatile player who was capable of excelling anywhere on the defense but now he’s off to Green Bay. However, what hurts the most to many fans is CJ Mosley going to the Jets because the Ravens refused to pay him what he’s worth.

“Any reasonable team would be willing to pay CJ Mosley. He’s a phenomenal player with a relaxed demeanor. I’m really disappointed with my team for not trying to keep Mosley in Baltimore,” said Baltimore resident, Maddie King.

However, fans have been distracted by the Ravens’ new offensive success and their current number 5 ranking in the NFL power rankings. If the Raven’s didn’t add a multitude of offensive talent during the offseason, many fans would be loudly voicing their heartbreak over losing 4 starters off of their star studded defense. 

“I’m thrilled with the success the Raven’s have found on the offensive side of the field however I wish I could watch the same defense we had last year. I respect Terrell Suggs’ decision to leave, but I wish I didn’t have to see him gear up for another team because it truly breaks my heart,” said Centennial senior, Maddie Carr.

Broken hearts are hard to mend but hopefully the damage will be paid for when the Ravens make their probable run in the NFL offseason.