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PH Field Hockey: Changes Ahead

Field hockey season has started.

Both JV and varsity did not do well last year, but they are hoping for change of fate. Field hockey coaches Justin Fitch and Brittany LaFollette have trained the girls for the season.  Conditioning is harder and more intense than before, in hopes of new results.

The girls have gone through a big change this season. They finally get to play their games on Perry Hall turf. Last year JV had to play all their games on the field next to the turf which did not make for a fun game. Varsity travel to Honeygo Park for their games, which wasn’t very efficient.

The team captains for varsity are Carly Campbell, Gabby Gruel, and Ally Mead.

“Going into this season I am so excited to be a leader of the team. Through all the hard work we put in and continue to put in, we are becoming an amazing team and unit which depends on one another not only throughout the sport but also as friends outside of it. I am so proud to be able to be a leader for those around me from the beginning of this season to the very last game, and I hope we continue to grow as an amazing team together,” Gruel said, senior.

Players, coaches, and captains have a different feel for the year.

“The vibe is entirely different this year.  Everyone is more upbeat and happy,“ Emily Carter, junior goalie said.

The next field hockey game is September 26 at Franklin High School.