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Crowded Halls: Same Problem, Different Year

Perry Hall High School students often experience overcrowding in most of their classes and in the hallway. A lot of classes have over 30 students.

Having more students in classes can affect the learning of students. This is because more students can cause more disruptions in class. In addition, teachers cannot help every student in the class.

“Sometimes in the hallways there is traffic with no movement at all. It is ridiculous,” said Ally Morrow, junior.

Crowded halls are extremely hard to get through, especially when students have only five minutes to get to class. Having people stand in the halls or blocking stairwells can make it even harder to get to class in a timely fashion. In addition, lunches are very crowded, and it is sometimes difficult to find a seat. Lastly, some students going down the “up only” third stairwell is very frustrating for students who need to go there.

“People stand in the middle of the halls and have conversations when we are supposed to be going to class, so it causes blockage,” said Adriana Milch, junior.

In addition to all of this, people also do not walk correctly in the halls. This is another thing that makes it even harder to get to class on time.

“People don’t walk on the right side of the hall, so it makes it even harder to walk faster,” said by Lindsey Calimer, junior.

Overcrowding at Perry Hall has been discussed for years. It causes distractions, traffic in the halls and creates classes of over 30 students.