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90’s Yearbook Quotes

1. “The track team threw me out of the team room in my turquoise underwear in front of the girl’s lacrosse team.” – Joe Arciaga

Apparently, friends purposefully embarrassing you in front of other people crosses generations. More often than not, you’re subjected to a prank that isn’t too permanent, but every once in a while you find yourself outside of the locker room in bright green underwear in front of twenty girls. Practical jokes and pranks are always funny, but sometimes get taken to a level that leaves you never wanting to show your face in that place again.

2. “I want people to understand that the environment is not going to clean itself up. Everyone has to contribute and stop pointing fingers.” – Jessica Keller

Pollution has been a big issue for as long as companies have been releasing toxic gasses into the air, but the movement against environmental destruction has picked up in recent years. People have invented machines that suck the trash out of the ocean, created utensils and straws that degrade over time instead of remaining for years, and hold protests to protect the earth from damage. As Jessica has so truthfully stated, the only way we will be able to make a change is if everyone takes initiative and does their part to save the world.

3. “If I could change one thing it would be that seniors could go out for lunch.” – Tangela Smith

All students agree…it is unfair that students can not leave campus for lunch! In addition to cafeteria food being not-so-good in general, it doesn’t take into consideration new diets such as veganism and vegetarianism. Whether they’re unable to eat the food provided or are simply turned off by the idea of eating it, being limited to the food made at school is disheartening. While they could theoretically pack a lunch, having a warm Chick-Fil-A meal is a surefire make anyone’s school day a little bit better.

4. “For Christmas, my friends and I got together for dinner to exchange gifts. We sat and talked about everything we’ve been through. The night ended with all of us crying bout the thought of separating after graduation.” -Bindu Jacob

Graduation seems to be approaching faster and faster every day because obviously, it is. It’s time to look back on the memories and remember to take them with us through college. We’ll all be going to different places and schools across the country, and once we go, we won’t see our friends as much as we’d like to. We don’t have much time left to spend with the friends we’ve made in the last four years, and little things like gift exchanges and group dinners could make all the differences.

5. “At first I took high school as a joke, but then I realized that I could not get anywhere in life without a high school education” – Buddy Smith

Freshman year, a lot of people didn’t realize how important it was to focus on their GPA’s because in middle school the focus was on individual grades instead of the culmination. Therefore, many people hadn’t adjusted to the new system. Now, as seniors, those people are having trouble getting into colleges with the grades they haven’t been tending to for so many years. At school, we should start stressing the importance of a GPA starting in freshman year, so they aren’t battling to improve their grades as senior.