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Justin Carter: Battle to be the Best

Kendall Williams, Staff Writer

Justin Carter, JV point guard, has been playing basketball for over 10 years. Relentless and eager to be his very best, Carter continues to thrive pushing himself day in and day out on the court.

“There’s always joy in the process of becoming the best you can be and a better player then you were yesterday,” said Carter, 6’0”.

Carter is an extrovert, making many friends with players throughout his basketball career.

“Meeting and playing with my teammates on previous teams like Mark has helped us connect and that has transferred on to the way we play on the court,” said Carter.

Center, Mark Nichols, is one of Carters team mates and has played with Justin on previous teams for the past 4 years.

“I think playing with Justin on previous teams has helped me realize what a smart player and great team leader he is for our team in order to lead our team to victory,” said Nichols.

Carter strives to be the best. Having goals helped him be the player he is now. It is important to set high standards for yourself and have realistic goals.

“Setting goals for myself helps me know what needs to be done to meet my goal. My main goal is to be a starting point guard on Varsity. Practicing daily and improving my shooting will the ball will make me unstoppable,” said Carter.

Carter, being the team captain and leader, is focused on winning and working with his team by pushing them in practices and make them the JV County champions. This could be one of many moments of glory for Carter in his basketball career.

“It will take great play out of everyone and to stay focused to win as many games from here on out bringing hard work and our high level of energy. My team can make anything happen,” said Justin confidentially.

With new coaches Harrison and Joe Carlineo and a new atmosphere of coaching, Justin is grateful for their new way of learning the game.

“With Coach Harrison joining us this season it took some adapting, but now I love the energy he brings on game days,” said Justin. “And a shout out to all my previous coaches who have taught me how to be the player I am and cultivate my love for the game.”