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Dr. Stathes: One of the Hall’s Newest

John-Bryant Dolan, Staff Writer

If you are currently taking or planning on taking English 12 or Film Appreciation, you have the chance of getting one of Perry Hall’s newest and coolest teacher’s, Dr. Alexander Stathes. Prior to coming to the hall, Dr. Stathes was a college professor and a teacher at Archbishop Curley.

“During my Ph.D., I taught for two years at the University of Wales. College teaching is sort of a whole different thing, and at the college level, I was teaching Creative Writing classes, but the fundamental difference with teaching college is teaching people who are adults. ,” said Dr. Stathes when asked about being a College Professor.

Dr. Stathes currently teaches English 12 and Film Appreciation.  Films discussed in class include “InsideOut” and “Mad Max.”  Many students enjoy learning about film, and what actors, films, and filmmakers Dr. Stathes finds particularly interesting.

“Favorite actor is Daniel Day Lewis. Every time I see a Daniel Day Lewis movie, I’m amazed by what he does.  Favorite director is Steven Spielberg.  He knows how to make a movie, and I think he’s shown that by how many successful movies he has.   Favorite movie… that’s tough, it depends. I really really like ‘Up,’ and it’s a movie we watch a lot in my house,” said Dr. Stathes, who is married with two small children.

Dr. Stathes obviously likes film but also has other interests.  In high school, Dr. Stathes played football, wrestling, and lacrosse, but the sport he enjoyed playing the most was rugby.

“I think it’s [rugby] is the best team sport there is. When I was in high school I played football; I wrestled; and I played lacrosse.  I think wrestling taught me most was how to lose because wrestling is tough, and you have got no one else to rely on.  But rugby combines all the things you like from all the team sports you play,” said Dr. Stathes.

Many people believe Dr. Stathes is a great teacher, and they appreciate his ability to discuss almost any topic, his intelligence, and how much there is to learn in his class.

“Dr. Stathes is one of the most amazing teachers I’ve had in my time at Perry Hall.  I hope underclassman have the chance to have him too,” said a student who currently has Dr. Stathes.