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Top 5 Movies of 2018

Without a doubt, there is more to a film than just the plot. An interesting movie is more than just its screenplay, and critics would attest to it. When you take intense storylines, groundbreaking actors, and pure cinematography into account, 2018 was a good year for new movies. This list highlights the best movies of the year and why they were so good.

1) Incredibles 2: Released June 15, directed by Brad Bird
In 2004, the original “Incredibles” released, becoming one of Disney’s big hit movies. People waited 14 years for the sequel and some say it was even better than the first. Being every family’s favorite super heroes Elastigirl takes the spotlight instead of Mr. Incredible. The family takes on the new villain catching onto her plot and discovering Jack-Jack’s series of powers.

2) The Nun: Released: Released September 6, directed by Corin Hardy
Since “The Conjuring” series, everyone has been wondering if they would a make a movie about the nun that gave everyone nightmares since the second movie released. The movie gives more of a background on the scary spirit leading up to “The Conjuring 2”. A young nun and a priest with a haunted past investigate together on this nun’s unholy secret, risking their lives to know more about the haunting past of Sister Irene’s church.

3) Deadpool 2: Released May 18, directed by David Leitch
The sequel to the first, Deadpool 2 has it funny adult humor while taking on the problems he has in his world as an anti-hero. Joining forces with other powerful mutants, Deadpool protects the teenager mutant, Russell, while taking on the other problems of his not so normal, world.

4) Maze Runner: The Death Cure: Released January 26, directed by Wes Ball
The third movie to the trilogy, Dylan O’ Brien is on his search to find his best friend Minho and take over the enemies. Leaving off from the previous Maze Runner movie, the group of survivors take on the fight against “Wnkd”.

5) A Quiet Place: Released April 6, directed by John Krasinski
A thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire movie. If you’re looking for a scare this is the perfect movie to fill you with fear. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski star in the quiet thriller taking on the blind monsters taking advantage of their acute hearing.