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Top 4 PHHS Electives

• Juvenile Justice – If you ever question whether you will use something you learned in school in real life, this class is the one that will teach you useful information. This class covers everything from the ins and outs of the government to mental illnesses in criminals. You get to watch documentaries about infamous criminals like Jefferey Dahmer, and some about gangs like MS-13, Bloods, and Crips. This class is fun if you like learning about criminals, and the government, including the justice system, or just want to learn something new. Currently, the class is taught by Mrs. Robinson.

• African American History- This class has a great teacher with impactful takes on race in the 21st century. She knows how to grab her students and make boring subjects interesting. You get to watch documentaries and do fun assignments to help you learn the history of African Americans. This information varies from the slave trade all the way to the famous Black Panther Party. You get to learn things that they have achieved that aren’t usually taught in school. The class is open to everyone. If you are interested in the history of African Americans, this is the class to take! Mrs. Norris teaches the course.

• Facing History through the Holocaust – This is one of the best classes to take. Everything from the teacher to the topics made it a class worth taking. I was always interested in the Holocaust and what led to the most horrific genocide in US history, and this class allowed me to further explore my interest. The class wasn’t all about the Holocaust, we also learned about other genocides, their impact, and the aftermath. I enjoyed going to class and the teacher’s personality which made the class go by faster. Her personality also made the class not too depressing, but it is a class about the Holocaust so expect some sad moments. I personally enjoyed how the teacher related the topics to psychology, which is something that affects everything we do. I think someone that is interested in everything from the Holocaust to psychology should take this class. Mrs. Weinhold teaches the class.

• Film Appreciation- I loved this class. It is a thought-provoking class that makes you think about the thought process of directors when making films. Questions such as “What grabs an audience?”, “Why was that camera angle chosen?” and “What does the qualities of these characters say about them?”. These are a few of many questions that come up. You also get to voice your opinion, which I love doing, whether you like or dislike the movies, and the documentaries shown. You get to talk about issues with society, and what can come for society itself in the future, based on the movies watched. You even get to write short stories and or plays of your own. You will get to watch classic films, such as Psycho and newer films like Inside Out. This is a great class if you like conversation and movies. Dr. Stathes teaches the course.