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How sports shape students

High school is all about students discovering themselves and preparing themselves for their futures. But what actually helps define students? It’s not their nightly AP English homework or their strenuous studying for their physics quiz. It’s the hard work and dedication they put into bettering themselves and others when they are apart of a sports team.

Many students do participate in sports for the sake of receiving scholarships or to fill a slot in the extracurricular category for their college application, however, there are many students who participate in sports for the sake of loving what they’re doing and improving athletically. However, even the students who participate in sports without the best intentions gain irreplaceable knowledge and skills that they may have never learned otherwise.

“One would think running cross country and track throughout high school would only help someone become a better runner. However, in reality it helped me stay on top of my school work and prepare for college because I gained time management skills,” said senior, Tommy Malinowski.

Team sports help students work towards something that is bigger than themselves. It’s safe to say that high school students aren’t known to be the most selfless people but student athletes learn that working alongside others leads to accomplishing great things. One person can’t win a state championship, it’s a team effort. However, this applies to more things than just sports. A person’s ability to collaborate ideas and communicate with others is strengthened by being apart with something bigger than yourself.

“Playing basketball in high school has helped me value others opinions and ideas and integrate them with my own to come up with the best ideas possible,” said junior, Paige Koutsantonis.

A large part of growing up is about finding motivation within yourself to accomplish things without someone telling you exactly what to do and how to do it. When students are self-driven they can accomplish more than they ever could if they relied on the instructions of others. In sports athletes have to be motivated to perform to the best of their ability because otherwise the performance of the whole team will suffer as a result.

“Without playing sports year round I wouldn’t be as determined as I am to perform well in school,” said junior, Nate Brewer.

With sports students are able to meet their full potential much easier than they could otherwise. Sports allow students to find motivation within themselves which allows them to complete their school work to the best of their ability and this lesson will stay with them throughout the span of their life and benefits them in college and their career. Although time may be tight at times and it could be difficult to complete their assignments their advanced time management skills serve them right and they are able to use their time wisely and complete the tasks they need to do whenever they have time to do so.

“Playing sports in high school often stressed me out but I wouldn’t trade it for any other experience. Now that I’m getting ready to enter college, I realize that playing sports was one of the best decisions I made,” said an anonymous senior.

Anonymous confession: From my own experience I can recall a time that I wasn’t a motivated student. The beginning of my freshman year I wasn’t involved in any clubs or sports and therefore had much more time on my hands. However, I was extremely unmotivated to do anything and saved my doing my homework for the last minute. I remember doing my homework the class before it due or even in that class because I either didn’t care enough or was so unorganized I forgot it. I’m glad this experienced because now I will forever preach how much playing a sport in high school can change ones life.