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The Hall Overcrowding

The hallways in Perry Hall, as anyone who goes here will tell you, are overcrowded. Every school year more and more kids come in, and the school population has increased tenfold over the years. This inevitably leads to crowded hallways.

This tends to make it quite difficult to get around quickly. Teachers and staff are constantly on kids about giving them five minutes to get to class. But that’s nearly impossible to get achieve. There are so many kids in the school all rushing at once to get to class.

“It’s annoying and unnecessary amount of people in one spot,” said a junior.

Yes, some kids slack off in general and just won’t go to class. But that’s not the majority. Most kids if they are late they are it’s because the hallways are crowded and moving through them is hard. Also, kids don’t want to be late since there is the threat of detention. Which is very unfair to threaten and give detention when the kids are trying their best to get to class on time but the thousand s of kids trying to all get to their classes at the same time challenges that.

“Crowded and the people are very rowdy,” said a senior.

Some kids just don’t move and just stand there. That or they walk incredibly slowly. They don’t have any sense of urgency. You will be standing in one spot not going anywhere for extended periods of time. As this is happening you have staff on the intercom speaking sternly telling us to get to class now and that’s not possible with this unmoving crowd.

“It’s unrealistic to be able to get anywhere on time in the crowd,” said by a senior.

This year there has been a new rush to get to class because now staff is constantly doing hall sweeps. You could get caught in a hall sweep literally right outside of your classroom because you don’t step in the classroom fast enough. You are also given detention for being late on your second time. That’s a lot of extra stress put on kids. School is already stressful and now kids are even more stressed because they will get Saturday detention for being a minute or two late to class. The crowded hall issue needs to be discussed and fixed as soon as possible.