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Hear A New Sound

There are many different genres of music in this world. However, recently only R&B and trap music have been given the spotlight. Coming from an eclectic herself (I love all kinds of music, no matter the genre or sound), all music should get its chance to be on the radio or heard. There are some people, and bands who deserve more attention, and they will get it now.

• Aurora- Aurora Aksnes is a Norwegian singer-songwriter and producer. She is most known for her album All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend. Her most notable songs being “I went too far” and
“Running with the wolves.” She recently came out with another album in 2018 entitled, “Infections of a Different Kind.” Aurora’s music is refreshing and gives those who love adventure a sense of that in her music videos. If you’re interested in nature and adventure, Aurora is your girl.

• Calpurnia- Calpurnia is an Indie rock band, who originated in Vancouver. Members of the band include the famous Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things, which is a popular 80’s inspired mystery show on Netflix. The group’s most notable song is Greyhound, which is similar to the majority of their songs. The group primarily sings about teen things and their music sounds very radical. Their interesting and unique vocals, are mixed with a variety of sounds in their songs which makes them a great band to listen to.

• Willow Smith- Forget about “I Whip My Hair Back and Forth,” Willow Smith has entered an entirely new realm of music. Her music speaks to her spiritual life, as she is very intact with her environment and the belief that we all have a universe within us. Her most notable new albums are Ardipithecus, and The 1st. In Ardipithecus, popular songs include Marceline, Wait a minute, and Not so Different (feat Jabs). In her album “The 1st,” popular songs include The Boy, and Warm Honey. If you’re looking for a liberal sound, and a unique voice, go listen to Willow right now! (PS: check out the MSFT website if interested in merch).

• Teo- Who is also known as Mateo Arias, the Disney channel star, branched out from the acting world, and like Willow Smith became more in tune with his environment. He now raps and sings, alongside people such as Jaden Smith. Some of his most notable songs are Pleiadean message ft Jaden Smith, and Selfless-ish. His voice is soulful and somewhat raspy. It makes for a beautiful combination.

• Charlotte Day Wilson- Charlotte Wilson is a Canadian pop, rhythm and blues, and soul singer. Her voice is soulful, and her music is perfect, it’s monotone but not too much and not too little. Wilson has sung alongside the well-established Daniel Caesar; their song is called Transform.

• Flume- Flume, who is less known as Harley Streten, is an Australian record producer, musician, and DJ. Her song, Never Be Like You feat Kai, was popular and had a unique and attention-grabbing beat to it. Therefore, Flume is an underrated artist, who continues to make great music and deserves more recognition.

• The BIG MOON- The Big Moon is a London based four-piece band which formed in 2014 by Juliette Jackson. Their debut album, Love in the 4th Dimension, was released on April 6th, 2017, which contained several singles previously released on their EP, including The Road. Tolu Fajolu, a senior at Perry Hall describes the band as having an, “Alternative rock sound”.

• Luluc- Luluc is an Australian Indie Rock folk music duo. Their music is very calming and flows nicely. If you want to listen to a song while on a walk, or want study, Luluc is the way to go.

• Alabama Shakers- The Alabama Shakers gained recognition for their song, Sound and Color when it was featured in the commercial for the iPad Pro in 2015. They are a blues rock band, and their sound is eccentric. Fun fact: the main vocalist was originally thought to be a man because of her unique voice.

• Amber Run- Amber Run is a British Indie Rock band from Nottingham, UK. Their vocals are amazing and personally my favorite song from this band is “I Found.” This song is awesome and it’s group vocals have an adventurous feel to them. It basically wants to make you forget whatever you’re doing and go on an adventure, similar to most of the songs on here.

If you check out some of these cool artists, you will hear a entirely different kind of music then what you hear on the radio.