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Campbell Personality Profile/Interview

Get to know the new college counselor through this handy little interview!


What made you decide to come to Perry Hall?

I was at Dumbarton Middle school for twenty-one years and I used to work with Mr. Ferenschak, who’s the department chair here at Perry Hall. He and I worked together for thirteen years and we loved working together, and he left to do work at Perry Hall. I had been wanting to come to a high school and do something different other than middle school because I’d been doing that for so long. I found out that these new college counseling positions were available, and it was perfect. I got to move to a high school and work with Ferenschek again. It’s a great new experience.


Where were you before Perry Hall?

I was at Dumbarton Middle school, but for my very first year of counseling I was at an elementary school in Sparrow’s Point.


What do you hope to accomplish in being at Perry Hall?

Perry Hall is so large, but I’ve found that the kids are really open to talking. So I really hope to alleviate some of the college work from other counselors, and for the students I want to help them through the process and show them where to begin. This is a time when kids need help and I’m happy to provide it.


Do you have any hobbies outside of counseling?

My husband and I like to travel, I love spending time with my kids, and I’m a dog lover. In my free time I walk dogs for a company, and I have for the last few summers.


What’s your favorite thing about this school?

I’d have to say the friendliness of the students, they’ve been really open to getting to know me even though I’m new here. I love working with older kids.


Where’d you go to college?

I went to the University of Pittsburg for my degree in psychology, Loyola for my master’s degree, and Hopkins for a certificate degree.


Anything you want to say about your family?

I have three older step children, mid-twenties, and my daughter Sophia is a junior at Towson high.


Do you want to travel anywhere?
I’ve always wanted to go to Tahiti, I’d love to go there as expensive as it is. It’s definitely on the bucket list.


How’d you get into college counseling?

I wanted to work with high school kids, because I enjoyed helping my middle schoolers transition from eighth grade to high school. So I figured the next step was helping student’s move from high school to college.

Anything you want to say to students that may not know you yet?
Come visit me! Just pop your head in, stop in and stay hello, I love meeting new people. I’m here to help anyone, of all grades, not just seniors. I’m here for everyone.