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Throwback Songs You Need To Know

Do you need help making a throwback playlist? Or do you just want to add some new songs to your current rotation? Trust me, I wouldn’t steer anyone wrong so here’s a few throwback songs that everyone should add to their playlist immediately:

1. So Sick by Ne-Yo
Although this hit single initially dropped in 2006, it’s known by virtually everyone unless they just left the womb of course. When this song was initially released it was met with criticism for being emotionless, but this song overcame its negative reputation and has become a fan favorite at parties and in thousands of peoples Spotify playlists.

2. Stickwitu by The Pussycat Dolls
The Pussycat Dolls became a household name quickly after their debut in 2003 and since they sold 54 million records worldwide and became the best-selling girl group of the last decade and fourth of all time, them being featured on this list shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. It would be in appropriate fashion to say, “I’m gon’ stick wit you forever,” our hearts and playlists that is.

3. No Scrubs by TLC
Before TLC was regarded as a TV network it was successful American girl group in the nineties. TLC was responsible for contributing hit singles to music lovers everywhere such as “Waterfalls,” and “Creep,” which both topped the charts at number one. In addition to this another top single, “No Scrubs,” was so influential it contributed a new word to people everywhere vocabulary. A “Scrub,” can be defined as a undesirable partner who essentially collects dust.

4. Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey
If one was to ever wonder why Carey’s single “Always Be My Baby,” became such an instant hit my immediate reaction would to tell them to read the lyrics and let me know how many people they know can relate to them. “I ain’t gonna cry, no and I won’t beg you to stay,” as much as we hate to admit it, chances are most people will think of a previous lover the second this song radiates from the speakers. It seems that songs about heartbreak are always the most relatable because while people can relate to being dumped, it’s safe to say becoming a millionaire and joining a gang, both of which are common commodities in music, aren’t as relatable for your average-music-loving Joe.

5. Ignition by R. Kelly
“Now usually I don’t do this but uh,” this song is worth the mention even though it wouldn’t usually be deemed as school appropriate. “Ignition,” is a song you play on your car stereo and all your friends scream the lyrics. It represents the good times and is hard to listen to with anything but a smile on your face. It’s more uplifting than most songs and will have you dancing faster than the cupid shuffle at a school dance.

6. My Boo by Usher
If you’ve never heard of this song today is your lucky day. Whether you’re having a bad day or everything’s going as planned listening to this song will surely make your day better. Whether you’re singing about your partner, or someone you’re pinning for this song will seem to fit and make everything make sense. We can always count on our boo Usher, to make a forever loved track.