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Top Fall Activities

It’s that time of the year. The leaves are falling; the decorations are coming up from house to house, and every store is selling spooky socks and pumpkins. You probably feel in the mood to be a part of it all and want some activities to do, so let’s get this bread.

Carving Pumpkins: If you want amazing pumpkins head on down to Weber’s farm with your significant other or if you’re alone that’s perfectly fine as well. You can still get into the spooky spirit. Carving fun pictures into pumpkins can be a fun thing to do.

“We went to Weber’s farm and spent the day picking pumpkins, and it got me in the fall spirit,” said Katie Roberts, junior.

Estimated cost: Pumpkins are weighed by the pound. Some can cost as little as $5 to approximately $15 a piece for a regular-sized pumpkin.

Go on a hayride: Bundle up with comfy clothes and grab your honey. Going on a hayride is a fun adventure to do with your family or friends. It is a great way to see the beautiful fall scenery.

“I went on a hayride with my boyfriend over the weekend and we had a great time,” said Kenzie Click, junior.

Estimated cost: Check with the place you are visiting. Some are free, while others may be $1-3 a person.

Go to a corn maze: Grab a group of friends; go to Beachmont Corn Maze; and have a good time. You can sing songs while you get lost in the vast corn maze and try to find your way, the tricky course will be a fun way to work with friends to work your way out. Beachmont is open until 10 pm Friday and Saturday nights through Halloween.

“I went to a corn maze over the weekend and we were stuck in there for two hours, but it was a good time,” said Katelyn Peacock, junior.

Cost: The maze, itself, cost $11. Other activities are an additional cost.

Go apple picking: Go to a local apple orchard and pick some apples. You can go home and make caramel apple and decorate them with different candies or make them Halloween themed. Apples are a favorite treat for anyone and coating them with caramel can make them extra sweet and a good fall-themed treat!

“I almost fell off a ladder trying to grab an apple,” said a sophomore, who prefers to remain anonymous.

Cost: Like pumpkins, apples are sold by weight.

Go to a haunted house: There are many scary attractions that you can go to. Field of Screams. Legends of the Fog. Jason’s Woods – all thrilling experiences that while make you scream in fear. Grab a group of friends and get a good scare.

“I literally was running from an actor so fast that a rope close lined my face, split my eye open and concussed… scary” said Phoebe Canoles, senior.

Cost: Most attractions are about $10 a person.

Decorate house for Halloween- Party City has a bunch of fun and scary Halloween decorations you can purchase and make your house interesting for the holiday, make yours the best in your neighborhood! Decorating your house can put you in the fall spirit.

“I love going to Party City and looking for the perfect decorations to put in my house,” said sophomore, Kelly Courts.

Making D.I.Y costumes- If you have free time and don’t know what to be for Halloween here are some DIY costume ideas that you could try… Ghost, Scarecrow, Police man, Mummy. Go out and buy materials to make your own fun and unique Halloween costume thus year!