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College Rundown

At some point during every high school students career their comes a time where they start thinking about college, whether they decide to attend or not. For some it comes sooner than others. There are many people who wait until the end of their junior year to start thinking about the college process. However, as for me and many others college has been in the back of our mind since we entered high school. Since learning about colleges is essential for making the right decision on which college to attend and it’s important to make an informed decision, here’s a quick rundown on in-state universities:

University of Maryland (UMD):

• Public 4-year university in College Park, Maryland.
• Being in close proximity to Washington DC provides students with plenty of opportunities for internships and for entertainment.
• Ranked 63rd in national universities.
• Annual acceptance rate of about 44% but programs such as Engineering and Biology are much more selective.
• Programs including Criminal Justice and Engineering are both ranked among the top 25 in the country.
• Average accepted GPA is 4.22.
• Average SAT is 1370.
• You’ll likely have to be near the top of the class to be accepted.
• The in-state tuition of UMD is about $10,000
• Provides students with the opportunity to obtain their master’s degree in a year upon graduation.


Towson University (TU):

• 4-year university in Towson, Maryland.
• Located in suburban Baltimore County, Maryland.
• Ranked among the region’s best public universities by U.S. News & World Report for the last 30 years.
• In-state tuition is approximately $10,000.
• Average acceptance rate of 77%, making it not selective.
• Offers over 100 degree programs.
• Business, education, nursing and communications are popular programs.
• Average accepted SAT is 1170.
• Average accepted GPA is 3.62.


Salisbury University (SU):

• Four-year public institution in Salisbury, Maryland.
• The tuition is approximately $10,000.
• Acceptance rate is about 65%.
• Popular majors include exercise science, communication arts, and psychology.
• Average accepted SAT score is a 1240.
• Average accepted GPA is a 3.6.
• Mildly selective in the application process.
• Students are required to live on campus for their first two years of attending.
• Ranked 67Th for best value schools for 2019.


University Of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC):

• 4-year public institution in Baltimore County, Maryland.
• Was ranked 165th In the 2019 edition of Best Colleges and National Universities.
• In-state tuition and fees of attending is approximately $12,000.
• Has more than 40 undergraduate programs.
• Ranked 165th in National Universities for 2019.
• The average SAT score is 1280.
• The average GPA is 3.73.
• The acceptance rate is 59%, making it moderately selective.
• Popular field of studies include Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services, Psychology and Social Sciences.


Mount St. Mary’s University Maryland (MSMUM):

• Private, liberal arts, Catholic university near Emmitsburg, Maryland.
• Offers more than 70 majors, minors, concentrations, and special programs for undergraduates.
• Average SAT score is 1100.
• Average accepted GPA is 3.3.
• Annual acceptance rate is approximately 67%.
• Ranked 32nd in Best Value Schools for 2019.
• Most classes have less than 20 people.
• 12:1 student to teacher ratio.
• Without financial aid the cost of tuition is $39,000.
• Most popular majors include Accounting, Biology, Business, Communication Studies, Criminology, Elementary Education, and History.