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BCPS Laptop Controversy

BCPS is trying to improve student’s learning by adding devices to schools. There is a lot of controversy around this decision. Students and parents question the decision because the money could’ve gone to more useful things like school staff, improving schools, HVAC systems, and Special Ed. We interviewed students to get their perspective on the subject.

“They’re cool because I can do my work at home and I like the bag that comes with it,” says Brian Okafor, sophomore.

The devices have given many students access to easier homework, streamlining things greatly and giving some variety to class as different teachers are taking the switch to a digital classroom.

“I think it seems interesting and different to work with,” says Diara Gillis, sophomore.

While the devices are appreciated by some, others view the devices as more of a hassle than it is worth having them, possibly complicating the same work they can also streamline for some.

“Some of them don’t save work on word and things like that, and they should allow us on things when we are not in school,” says Lingbay Woah-Tee, sophomore.

While some were concerned about the willingness of teachers to make the switch to the devices, some students are also feeling reluctant to make the switch to a device to let our school look modern.

“I’m not going to use the device. I think it’s a waste of millions of dollars why not just use paper,” says Jaden Young, sophomore.

It cost BCPS $14 million to get these devices. With quite the high price tag you could assume most people would be on board with the move, but a lot of people feel like the money could’ve been used more effectively and reinvested into the schools. With the administration still working out the kinks in the system, students have started to really get to know the devices they will be using for this school year.