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Allied Champs

The Allied Bowling team was awarded the Jill Masterman award, after winning the Baltimore County East Division Bowling Championships in the third week of February.


Allied Bowling had an exciting season with many supportive families, students, and staff.  Many teachers joined the team at the championship game including Ms. Renae Klingelhofer.


“They bowled together as a team and they were cheering each other on, and celebrating each other’s efforts the entire time,” said Ms. Renae Klingelhofer, Spanish teacher.


The team is assisted by Mr. Hofferbert, Ms. Fischer, Mr. Kelch, Mr. Corbett, Ms. Dorsey, Mr. Martin, and Mr. Wilder.  Mr. Tony Mace, head coach, would like to thank all of his students, but especially the seniors who will be leaving this year.


“I would like to thank our kids that will be leaving us this year, Yolanda Koritzer, Emily Howland, Morgan Bukowski, and Austin Stidham. They will all be sorely missed,” said Mr. Mace.


Mr. Tony Mace has many memories from coaching the team, but this season has been especially encouraging with the championship win.


“We had an excellent year,” said Mr. Mace.  “My favorite memory of our team was when they announced we were the county champions.  The joy and excitement that our players displayed was simply amazing and tugged at every person’s heart.”


The team, coaches, and assistants hope to have another successful team next school year, but coaches, players, and parents look forward to the building of friendships and confidence among students.


“Our goal for next year is pretty much the same as every year.  We want each athlete to have as much fun as possible,” said Mr. Mace.


Congratulations, Allied Bowling!