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Calling All Juniors: SAT Prep

If you are a junior at Perry Hall, you will most likely be taking the SAT on March 25. And with the SAT coming up, you are probably trying to find effective ways to study and actually remember the information. Khan Academy offers official SAT practice tests that are completely free and tailored to you based off of your PSAT scores. In order to take the test, all you have to do is make an acco…

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Hailey Hopkins

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    Stereotypes: What Can We Do?
    Throughout the school year, the Hallmark will focus on various student voices and groups. Maelada (May) Yowell approache
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    GSA: A Welcome Place for All
    Gay Straight Alliance, also know as GSA, is a unique club at Perry Hall High school, created almost seven years ago. The
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    The BSU African Dancers
    The Black Student Union (BSU) is a club at Perry Hall High School, created only three years ago. Just last year some stu
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    Club Fair Preview
    With the club fair quickly approaching, here a few newer clubs offered at PHHS to check out. Animal Impact Club Animal I
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    PH’s New Principal: Craig Reed
    There are many new faces at the Hall, teachers, front office personnel; however, most notably, there is a new administra
  • 90’s Yearbook Quotes
    1. “The track team threw me out of the team room in my turquoise underwear in front of the girl’s lacrosse team.”



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